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Jay "Mean Streak" Mortimore

Jay ‘Mean Streak’ Mortimore is an up and coming hard hitting heavy weight in the world of MMA. A talented fighter Jay’s fighting techniques and styles include BJJ, kickboxing and wrestling. With this arsenal Jay is able to dispatch opponents quickly with an array of knockouts and submissions. Fighting out of the Lion’s Den (Exeter & Exmouth) Jay is part of Team Lionheart Pro fight team. Recently signed to Cage Warriors. Jay is currently The Spartan Challenge and strength & Honour title holder.


Age: 31
D.O.B: 13/11/1980
Nationality: English
Born: London
Current Residence: Exeter
Height: 6ft 4"
Weight: 118Kg
Discipline: MMA
Current Clubs: Lion’s Den, Team Lionheart Fighter


  • Semi Pro 1-0-0
  • Professional  6-3-0
  • 1st Fight: Semi-Pro Matt Moore. Win in 5 seconds of the 1st round by knockout.
  • 3rd Fight: Dan Sweeny. Win in 1.56 of the 1st round by rear naked choke.
    (Strength and Honour title fight)
  • 4th Fight: Martin Vaughan. Win in 56 seconds of the 1st round by TKO.
  • 5th Fight: Tengiz Tedoradze. Loss by TKO at 4.50 of the 1st round.
  • 6th Fight: Thomas Siaucilla.Win in 20 seconds of the 1st round by TKO.
    (Spartan FC title fight)
  • 7th Fight: James Hurrell. Win in 4.50 of the 1st round by TKO.
  • 8th Fight: Chris Petrie. Win in 3.20 of the 2nd round by TKO.
  • 9th Fight: Andreas Kraniotakes. Loss by TKO at 4.14 of the first round.

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Jay Mortimore - 12/12/2011