What We Do

Professional and individually-tailored nutrition plans for anybody from housewives to office workers to elite athletes.

We eat every day. Diet is fundamental to a happy life. It is absolutely vital we get it right.
A Blueberry Nutrition diet plan is based on YOUR tastes, what YOU like to eat and YOUR aims. We can help you achieve your goals no matter who you are and what you do.

We believe you should feel great about the food you eat and in turn the food you eat should make you feel great!

The link between a healthy long life and good nutrition is undeniable – the evidence is comprehensive and well documented. Solid nutrition is the foundation of daily life and we can help you build that foundation.

How it Works

A Blueberry Nutrition diet plan is tailored completely around the individual. We listen to you.Our nutritionists create a profile based on specific information provided by the client with their aims, dietary requirements and personal taste.... 


Exeter Golf and Country Club

Exeter Golf and Country Club

We are Proud to be working with one of the most prestigious venues in Devon - Exter Golf and Country Club


James Haskells BODY FIRE

James Hakells BODYFIRE

James Haskell has been a professional rugby player for over ten years, having played for London Wasps, Stade francais (Paris), Rioch Black Rams (Japan), Highlanders (Super 15) as well as 50 times for England Rugby Union side.


Exeter Chiefs Rugby Academy-Bicton College

Exeter Chiefs Rugby Academy

Guest speaker to the Exeter Chiefs Rugby Academy based at Bicton College on their Level 3 Sports & Excellence Course.


Ruth's story

Blueberry Nutrition

Ruth, a 46 year old mother of two contacted Blueberry Nutrition as she was unhappy with her current diet and felt she needed to lose weight. As well as weight loss Ruth also commented that she constantly felt a lack of energy and lethargic....


My Fighters have been using Blueberry Nutrition guidance for the past 8 months. In that time the results have been fantastic. The guys and girls have gained an understanding of Diet and Nutrition, as well as reaping the rewards not only in their Training but also in Competition.The non-competing members of our organisation have also benefited from not only the advice given but also in seeing the results not only in themselves but also in others and in their family members.
I would thoroughly recommend using Blueberry Nutrition

Dave Matthews – Head Coach, Lionheart MMA, Owner Lions Den UK Gyms. - 15/02/2012

Blueberry Nutrition has helped massively with the diet plans in both the off season and pre contest. I have noticed significant improvements in the quality of my training and physique and recommend their diet plans to anyone

Dave Badcock - 16/06/2012