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Mark Jarvis

Mark Jarvis is a strength & conditioning coach who works closely with all levels of MMA fighters & boxers specialising in fighter conditioning. Mark's training approach of " more is better " was built while serving as a paratrooper in the British army. A personnel trainer & strength & conditioning coach to a wide variety of clients such as A list celebrities, captains of industry & professional fighters.


Age: 43
D.O.B: 09/10/69
Nationality: English
Born: Leicestershire
Current Residence: Leicestershire/London
Height: 5ft 8'
Weight: 95Kg
Discipline: Boxing/MMA/S&C.
Current Clubs: The Muscle Machine Gym. Leicester.


  • Champion recruit. The Parachute Regiment
  • Boxed for both Regiment and Army - Undefeated
  • Working as a military Advisor & PT  on various films training actors to act like soldiers or fighters
  • Training actors such as.... Keira Knightly, Christian Slater, Nicholas Cage, Mathew Goode, Stephen Graham
  • Strength & Conditioning coach for pro MMA fighters - Judo Jimmy Wallhead, Jess the joker, Matt Hallam & Craig the Duffer Turner
  • Strength & conditioning coach for Sarah Donohue
  • Written for Sunday Times, Mens Fitness, You are what you eat.
  • Currently writing for MMA Uncaged
  • Currently on world tour with ONE DIRECTION as their personal trainer

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