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Blueberry Nutrition ‘PREMIUM’ is designed for absolutely anyone.  At Blueberry Nutrition we think everyone should be able to have access to individually tailored nutrition plans. With that in mind Blueberry Nutrition 'PREMIUM' is able to offer 28 day diet plans that are bespoke to our clients. We listen to our clients likes and dislikes and formulate a 28 day diet plan that is tailored just for you. If you like cereals for breakfast then that is what you shall see on your plan, if you simply can’t live without a certain dish it can be included.

Upon filling out the Blueberry Nutrition ‘PREMIUM’ client profile we are able to see just how many calories you need , also the ratios of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.  From there Blueberry Nutrition will send you a diet plan that will help you achieve amazing results.

Typically if you want to lose weight you will see a reduction in calories and fatty, sugary foods.  These will be replaced with healthy nutrient dense foods that will make you feel great. At the end of the 28 individually tailored diet plan we will assess your current weight and send you an amended diet plan. You will soon see the results you are looking for.

 How it works

  • Client fills in Blueberry Nutrition ‘PREMIUM’ client profile.
  • 5 days after receiving your profile Blueberry Nutrition guarantees to send your bespoke diet plan

If Blueberry Nutrition 'PREMIUM' is the rigtht option for you use our contact form to get your individually tailored 28 day plan